Why Should I Hire a Professional Leasing Agent?

Professions exist because there is a need and a demand for them. With regards to leasing agents, it’s a firm belief by professionals that anyone looking to lease their property, or multiple properties, a leasing agent is needed to help aid in the process. But why? What can a leasing agent provide that a regular person cannot? Let’s find out why you should hire a professional leasing agent.

They Are Informed

One part of the leasing agent’s job description is to be on top of the market. That doesn’t mean that they’re leasing the most properties. It means that they’re looking at how the industry is changing and evolving, and then adapting to best help their clients. For example, knowing what schools are nearby will better help them lease a property to a family who is looking to have children. Others may have other interests, such as hiking trails, night life, or a desire for the quiet. Being informed on the neighbourhood they serve and being able to answer these questions as a result will yield higher lease numbers, and most importantly, many happy families. Beyond a client’s needs, professional leasing agents are also informed about different trends in their industry.

They Know the Technology

Technology makes the job world go round. It makes everyone’s lives easier and more efficient, but just like the industry, technology is ever changing and getting better. While some may stick to what they know, a leasing agent will always take the time to learn the latest in technology that is relevant to their field and apply it. 

They’re Persistent and Proactive

Good leasing agents will always be chasing after “the one.” It’s common for leasing agents to be turned out by prospective tenants and residents, but they will never let that get them down. “No’s” can often be quite helpful as they may teach the leasing agent valuable things about the property that can be fixed and/or improved in order for it to come off the market. A good leasing agent will also follow up constantly with prospective tenants to see where they’re at and if they can help at all with the process or answer any questions. 

They Listen, Analyze, and Deliver

A good leasing agent will find their prospective tenant exactly what you’re looking for, if not extremely close. How? By listening. Communicating your needs, as well as your wants and wishes is the best way to get you the property of your dreams, as well as to minimize the effort and time it takes to search for these properties by putting it in the hands of a capable leasing agent.

So before you begin to trouble yourself with headaches and grievances, consider hiring a leasing agent to do the heavy lifting for you. Contact 3PM today by calling 236-521-3790, or email us at info@3pmbc.com.