Why is Lighting Important?

Professional photographers already know about the importance of lighting, but good lighting isn’t just about getting the best photos, it can actually impact our moods and how we feel about our home. That’s why installing the correct lighting in a home is so important.

It’s not just the correct lighting that makes all the difference, it’s also about the position of the lighting as well. Families living in the city receive more light than necessary during the day and night, so it’s important to try to avoid light pollution which is caused by inefficient and unnecessary use of artificial light. In order to get the maximum possible amount of light without feeling the overpowering heat of direct sunlight in the home, large windows can be used in the north direction, but direct light in the dining room, living room, etc. can deprive you of comfort. That’s why it’s recommended to combine the natural northern light with the artificial light in other directions. The north light is cool and clean, but the south light is yellow and straight. A person who is always in rooms facing north and has very little contact with the sun and may feel depressed and sad. So we try to substitute natural light for artificial light at home.

Some tips about using artificial light in the home include:

⦁ Use even lights to prevent difficulties adjusting your eyes, when going from strong to weaker lights
⦁ Incorporate dimmer functions
⦁ Use the best form of artificial light such as full-spectrum light

Be sure if you’re renting your home that your landlord or property manager approves all light fixture changes that are not relocatable such as floor lamps and desk lamps.