Verified Owners Service (Free)

"how the Verified Owners Service not only addresses specific pain points related to rental fraud but also enhances the overall rental experience for property owners in Canada."

Services Included:

- Free Rental Property Evaluation

- Free Posting on Verified Owners Website

- Complimentary Rental Template

- Free Basic Facebook Posting
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Rental Fraud Canada: A Comprehensive Guide to Recognizing and Avoiding Scams

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Fear of Fraudulent Listings

Trust is paramount in rental listings. Our Verified Owners Service counters the fear of fraud with a robust verification process, ensuring all listings on our platform are genuine and secure, unlike the less regulated alternatives.

Ease of Use

Our service is designed for convenience. With free basic Facebook posting and listing on the Verified Owners Website, we provide property owners a hassle-free solution to advertise their rental properties effectively.

Complexity in Screening Potential Tenants

Screening tenants is a critical, yet daunting task. Our service simplifies this process, providing tools and support to help you screen potential tenants effectively, reducing the risk of fraud.

Demand for Trustworthy Transactions

As demand grows for secure rental transactions, our service offers a transparent platform that supports only verified listings, enhancing trust and security.

Financial Security Concerns

We understand the financial risks involved in property rentals. That's why we offer a free rental property evaluation to ensure your pricing strategy is sound, minimizing the risk of financial losses that are common in scam scenarios.

Loss of Time and Resources

Save time and avoid the pitfalls of legal loopholes with our complimentary rental templates. These are crafted to prevent scams, saving you both time and resources.

Protection Against Identity Theft

In the rental market, personal information handling is a common vulnerability. Our secure platform safeguards your information, significantly reducing the risk of identity theft.

Reduced Emotional Distress

Avoid the emotional turmoil associated with rental scams. Our service provides peace of mind through a secure and verified listing process, ensuring a smoother and stress-free rental experience.

Placement On Demand Services

Ideal for rental owners conducting their property showings, especially those residing nearby or in the same building. We will guide you through the right process.

Professional Rental Photos Services ($399)
Capture the essence of your property with our professional photography and staging services.
Professional Showings Management ($299)
Perfect for owners who prefer not to disclose their identity to potential tenants.
Screening Tenants and Tenant Onboard Guidance Services ($399)
In-depth tenant screening and comprehensive support during the onboarding process.
Monthly Property Management Membership ($50/month)
Continuous property management support and expert guidance.
Essential Placement Package - 35% of the first month’s rent or $800, whichever is greater

Peace of Mind Services

Complete property listing and management services for a hassle-free experience. 

Premium Placement Package - 75% of the first month's rent
Full Property Management (8% if placed by 3PM, 10% if tenant already present)

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