The Use of Purple

Purple seems to evoke or even provoke strong emotions: Most people either love it or hate it. Therefore, this color is not one of the most common colors used to decorate the main bedroom. Many people think that this color is suitable for children’s bedrooms.

Such thoughts are very shameful; because in reality, when this color is used properly, purple can be a very sophisticated and modern color for the master bedroom. In a way that in addition to being very attractive and beautiful for women, it also has a different effect for men.

However, some fans and lovers of purple color do not take risks in choosing the appropriate and desired color for the walls and use a combination of colors.

Do not be afraid to use dark purple to paint the walls of your room; Do not think that this color is only suitable for bright bedrooms. In fact, these dark walls are also suitable for rooms that are dimly lit; because this dark purple retains its light regardless of the intensity.

If we go back, we see that purple is a royal color. The favorite color of Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, was purple, and many other characters understand the calmness and beauty of this color. Purple is still very popular today.

If you lighten purple by one or two degrees, you get a soothing color that is much better and more interesting than neutral colors and not too sharp.

Purple as a cool color has a soothing nature, which makes it superior to other colors as a suitable color for the bedroom. You can use light purple on the walls and next to it, use soft purple on the bed, windows, and small pillows, which will make the space pleasant and romantic.

Do you like purple very much? Take a risk and use this color in your whole room and even the color of the ceiling. By limiting your color palette to purple and white and using it sparingly in small pieces of furniture, you will give your room a fresh and vibrant, yet not ugly, look. This is a great way to combine lots of patterned designs, regardless of your color theme.

Combine the faint shades of purple with the metallic colors and then you will have a glamorous bedroom that looks expensive and sophisticated. Be careful not to overdo it. To have a bright environment, you can add a mirror to your space. Light purple pillows make your room luxurious and simple.

Sometimes just a little purple is enough for your environment. Having only parts of this color in your bed and pillows along with other colors makes an interesting combination. You can use neutral colors with a white or even gray and gray bed.

This blend creates a soothing sensation when you combine milky blue and purple. The combination of these colors with different types of themes from ordinary to modern decorative themes looks good.

Colors such as green, blue, and purple are all known for their soothing properties, but when working with muted colors of equal intensity, do not forget to use a bit of contrast (the difference in color brightness between objects that distinguishes them or their image). Add decorative pillows with fun designs to your bedroom to avoid making the room boring.
If your bedroom is too small or you want to choose a small room as a living room, purple can be a good choice for you. White windows make the space appear more open, while you can use fluffy rugs in the same purple color. But your problem is that in this case, the colors you can use are limited. These colors are: white, purple, and gray. These colors make your small space look cozy and not cramped.

Apart from having purple walls, you can use lighter shades of this color in decoration and accessories. You can also use decorative items with neutral colors such as pendant lamps, vases, tables, and light purple (lavender) that softens the purple look you want to have a little.

Children love purple and this is a great advantage for parents. Some research shows that purple stimulates brain activity, which can be useful for reading so you can use this color in the study.