Residential Complexes

The idea of ​​housing in residential complexes attracts many people who want to start a new life experience.

Peace: Calmness is an important feature due to the limited population inside the residential complexes, and the presence of green space and playgrounds inside it helps to reduce the noise of children and families.

Integrated service: Residential complexes started with the idea of ​​introducing the concept of luxury to the interior dwellers, because it makes them not have to go out to meet their needs, but sells services and goods in the residential complex, which saves money. Time and effort for the residents of the residential complex. Of course, this feature is very suitable for students, long-term workers, and families in general.

Privacy: Protecting the privacy and independence of the residents of the residential complex is one of the advantages that is not achieved in individual properties, and what protects the residential complex is the presence of apartments and real estate in the fence and entry only with the permission of the residents of the complex.

Isolation: Separation is one of the most important features of residential complexes, because it is surrounded by doors and walls, and this creates a lot of privacy for the residents inside the complex, making the complex more like an island separate from its surroundings. .

Security: One of the benefits of living in a residential complex is the feeling of security inside it, even when you travel for a long time for work or study or you are away from your apartment in the complex and it also protects you from the possibility of theft or entry of animals.

The unit: This is a feature that is present in the vast majority of residential complexes where there is a single feature of real estate, for a commercial reason and to create a distinctive effect on the executive projects of the company.

Places of entertainment: The options for recreational places outside the residential complex are many, but the advantage of recreational places, swimming pools and sports clubs, and because they are located in the living space, you do not have to leave the complex, and the most important thing is less pressure on They are used because they are used only by the residents of the residential complex.

Car parking: One of the biggest problems for city dwellers is parking, because they sometimes have to park their cars in places far from housing, here with having parking in a residential complex of very large and sufficient areas, this problem was solved.

Transportation: Transportation costs for the residents of the residential complex are available from it and to the nearest public transportation in most residential complexes, which saves you the time spent waiting for transportation.

Green areas: Green spaces are also important features and in most residential complexes, such as the facade of the complex and providing fresh air to the residents of the complex, whether apartments in the complex or when walking and sightseeing in the complex are committed to it. .