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Lots of Perks and Benefits at 3PM

The purpose is not being different, but we are different. The purpose is being a Property Management company, holding a network of property managers all around the area we cover, who have advancing income based on the number of the properties they manage and the experience they gain in this industry. In addition to this network, we have hired the latest technology in maintenance, screening, marketing, operation of rental agreement, and all other procedures in property management. We focus on providing landlords, residents, and real estate agents with fast, and reliable service.

Where it all began,

It all began from a business idea from Jimmy Ng, and Khai Ho that works for property managers to help them grow in their career. The business model of 3PM is designed in a way that one particular property manager has a path to have an advancing and growing solid successful income from what he/she does in this industry. In this business structure the property manager does not stay in same level anymore. They can start from a base level, and according to the increasing number of properties and type of work they are involved with, their income grows. 3PM provides all the property managers with training, and support.

The way it works boosts this career with motivation, experience and reward.

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3PM – BC

The 3PM mission are Process, Protect, Preserve and Maintain. Our priority is building the right team working with the most efficient and effective Process to Protect, Preserve and Maintain your biggest investment.

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