Important Factors in Interior Design

By properly applying the factors that we will discuss below, you can make many changes in your home with the least cost and sometimes the least hassle. The important thing is that these changes will make the house more beautiful and even the unusable space in small houses will be optimally optimized.

Some people start changing the interior decoration without considering any principles and finally face a chaotic and not so pleasant environment.
The role of furniture in interior decoration

In general, furniture is able to play a significant role in beautifying the interior decoration. Furniture is all the right components to sit on; This means that the dining table, puff sofa, stools, bar stools and host chairs are also part of the furniture. The role of each of them in the beauty of interior decoration is undeniable.

The color of the furniture makes up 30% of the interior space, which must be chosen more carefully to match the color of the walls and accessories. The style of furniture should be in harmony with the style of other interior decoration components such as accessories, wall designs, floors, etc.

Photo frames and paintings are a living soul for any home. If they are used in proportion, it will bring intimacy to the spirit and overall style of the house. Paintings, famous photos, calligraphic paintings, carpets, and many other items that should be depending on the taste and harmony with the home decor, are good options for home beauty.

Light and brightness are among the most important factors in interior decoration. Light fixtures can be natural light or a variety of chandeliers. Things to consider when installing lighting can include one or all of the following:

It is very important to remember that the concentrated points of light along with the darkness create an eye-catching beauty. But another point that is better to observe is to observe moderation in the use of light elements. In fact, it means letting the spot light come out of the darkness and not hitting the eye at the same time. In fact, we should not overuse this factor.

Partitioning space in decoration

One of the hardest things to do in a high-end home is to fill it. But there is a very easy solution for it that by using it, in addition to filling the empty space, that space can be used optimally.

This efficient and easy method divides larger spaces into smaller spaces. Partitioning is one of the ways to divide space that is fixed and mobile in the market. Applications can include the following:

Separate the entrance space from the reception

Separate the kitchen from the dining room

Separation of corridors and rooms from the reception

Note: By dividing the spaces, different styles of interior decoration can be used for different parts, which will bring beauty and variety.

Walls make up 30% of the interior look. For this reason, when we enter the interior of a house, the color and design used on the walls is the first thing that is usually seen. Choosing the right color and design for the wall is very important, it is better to choose the taste and accuracy. It is often even advisable to consult an expert designer to select it.

It may be interesting to know that the color chosen for small houses will be very effective in showing their dimensions larger. The only important thing to make the space bigger is to choose a light color of the walls. Also, the color of the walls and ceiling should be the same color or quite close to each other.