The Intricacies of Earning as a Property Manager: How Brokerage Structure Influences Income

In the complex world of real estate, understanding the nuances of a property manager’s potential earnings is crucial. It isn’t merely about the number of properties managed; instead, it largely depends on how the brokerage structures compensation and the diverse services offered. At the heart of this discussion lies the broad spectrum of responsibilities and fees associated with property management, and the critical role a brokerage plays in supporting property managers.

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Understanding Brokerage Structures and Compensation

Brokerages vary considerably in how they structure payments to property managers. Typically, compensation includes a combination of placement fees, management fees, and commission on various property-related services. These might encompass task management, property showings, move-in and move-out inspections, and more. Each task represents not just a time commitment but also an expertise area that should be compensated if the model is commission-based.

Service Offerings and Their Impact on Earnings

Firstly, examining the product and service offerings of a company is essential. These services define the workload and directly influence how property managers are paid. Common fees include:

Placement Fees: These are charged for finding and placing a suitable tenant in a property. It's a crucial service as it directly affects vacancy rates and, by extension, the profitability of the investment property.

Management Fees: This ongoing fee is usually a percentage of the monthly rent collected and covers the day-to-day management of the property.

On Demand Services: These can range from detailed inspections to managing repairs and renovations. Each of these services requires time and expertise, adding layers to a property manager’s responsibilities.

Essential Placement Package 

35% of the first month’s rent or $600, whichever is greater

  • Personalized Rental Management
    Ideal for rental owners conducting their own property showings, especially those residing nearby or in the same building.
  • Professional Assistance Package
    Includes photography, advertising, tenant screening, contract preparation, and move-in reports.
  • Upfront Documentation
    All necessary paperwork is handled upfront, with the first credit report included and additional reports available if required.
  • Owner Independence
    We provide consultation but do not sign on the owner’s behalf, maintaining their autonomy while offering our full support.
  • Transparent Pricing
    Clear cost structure—35% of the first month’s rent or $600, whichever is greater, with the first full credit report included.

Placement Only

75% of the first month's rent

  • All-Inclusive Tenant Placement
    Handles every step of tenant placement, from property showings to key handover.
  • Key Access Required
    A copy of the property key is needed to manage showings efficiently
  • Show-Ready Properties
    Ensures your property is primed and prepared for showings.
  • Essential Plus Package
    Includes everything from the Essential Placement Package, adding full management of property showings.
  • Transparent Cost Structure
    Charges 75% of the first month's rent, including the initial credit report, with additional reports at a fixed rate.

Full Package Placement + Ongoing Management

50% of the rent is for placement. 8% of the monthly rent is the price, although it may vary if not part of the

  • Comprehensive Tenant Onboarding
    - Optimize listing appeal with in-depth valuation and marketing.
    - Attract reliable tenants with thorough vetting and clear lease execution.
    -  Ensure a smooth start with detailed inspections and move-in preparation.
  • Efficient Rent & Landlord Services
    - Streamline rent collection, including late alerts and monthly statements.
    - Handle utility and property tax payments, ensuring compliance.
    - Maintain property with regular inspections and upkeep.
  • Proactive Maintenance & Contractor Oversight
    - Resolve maintenance promptly with qualified contractors.
    - Ensure satisfaction and manage payments, keeping detailed records.
  • Dedicated Tenant & Lease Management
    - Maintain tenant relations, manage leases, and facilitate renewals.
    -  Support smooth move-outs and handle evictions if necessary.
    Value-Added Landlord & Tenant Services
  • Value-Added Landlord & Tenant Services
    - Assist with property tax and utility management.
    - Facilitate clear communication between landlord and tenant for a harmonious environment.

Daily Operations and Administrative Tasks

A good brokerage doesn’t just facilitate financial transactions; it supports property managers in their daily operations. This support might include collecting information, preparing necessary documents, and ensuring error-free management. Effective management often requires a robust administrative system to handle tasks like booking appointments, confirming arrangements with vendors, and maintaining communication with strata management.

Error-Free Document Management: Ensuring all documents are prepared accurately without errors is critical in maintaining legal compliance and operational efficiency.

Communication and Coordination: A property manager must often coordinate with various stakeholders, making effective communication channels essential. 

Financial Management and Accuracy

Financial duties form a significant part of a property manager's responsibilities. Ensuring accurate and timely accounts, including rent collections and disbursements, financial statements, and handling late payment notices, are all critical tasks that require meticulous attention to detail.

3PM Property Management Solutions

At 3PM, we offer comprehensive assistance solutions for Rental Owner. Our Property Managers are skilled in handling property listings, inquiries, and rent collection, ensuring that property management tasks are completed efficiently. With our support, you can streamline your property management operations and focus on elevate your passive income. Leave the time-consuming tasks to us and optimize your property management processes with our cost-effective assistance services.   

Data Collection

Begin with the right data for success. This includes everything from insurance purchases and lease agreements to accounting, financial management, property condition, and marketing strategies.

Lease Agreement Guidance

Understand local laws and regulations, as well as both landlord and tenant rights. This knowledge is essential for effective property management.

Inspection Report

Utilize the correct tools and information for everything from appliance replacements to locating water shut-offs and documenting wall marks. This ensures clarity and prevents misunderstandings at both move-in and move-out.

Property Task Management

Before hiring licensed professionals, determine if a simple fix is possible. Clear instructions can help tenants resolve issues on their own, saving costs for everyone involved. Ensuring timely and professional task management maintains property condition and peace of mind.

Accounting and Financial Services

Implement a robust system for bookkeeping and task management, including invoice handling and optimization of property conditions. Accurate financial reporting is crucial for income growth and provides landlords with peace of mind, offering access to information anytime, anywhere.

Complaint Resolution

Our property managers, with experience since 2003, have successfully handled multiple evictions and understand the process thoroughly. Proper management can prevent nearly all issues, ensuring smooth operations.

Accounting Services: Providing comprehensive, error-free accounting services ensures transparency and trust between landlords and tenants.

Notices and Reminders: Handling late payments and other notices timely helps maintain healthy tenancy relationships and property conditions. 

Sales, Branding, and Client Engagement

Finally, an often overlooked but vital aspect of property management is sales and branding. For both new and experienced property managers, building a personal brand and engaging with potential clients is critical. This aspect of the job requires dedicated time and effort, often supported by the brokerage’s lead generation and branding strategies.

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At 3PM Real Estate Services, property managers benefit from an established system that nurtures their careers from the outset. Whether it’s through comprehensive onboarding for new managers or continued support for seasoned professionals, 3PM ensures that its team is well-equipped to handle every aspect of property management effectively.


The role of a property manager is multifaceted and demanding, with compensation structures that vary widely depending on the brokerage’s setup. Understanding these structures and the services offered is crucial for any property manager aiming to maximize their earnings and career growth. At 3PM Real Estate Services, property managers find a supportive environment that not only emphasizes professional development but also ensures that each member can deliver outstanding service to clients. This holistic approach to property management is what sets 3PM apart in the competitive real estate market.

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