How Ceiling Height Affects Your House

The ceiling is the main pillar of a structure that plays an important role in the interior decoration of the house. Today, there are various methods to beautify the ceiling, such as bedding, patina, mirror work, and false ceiling. On the other hand, the ceiling is the main bed of the house lighting, for which different designs can be implemented.

Houses with high ceilings have no restrictions on the use of various decorations. But we must say that in most architectures, it is not possible to implement a high ceiling for the house. Especially in older houses, which were often built with short ceilings, and only certain parts of the house such as the living room and living room were designed with high ceilings. But today, with advances in architecture and interior design, and given that most of them are aimed at small apartments, options have been developed to enlarge short ceilings.

The standard roof height of houses is 280 cm, and if the roof height of a house is more than 2.8 meters, it is in the category of houses with high ceilings, and vice versa. A high roof is an advantage for the house, and sometimes we see in real estate ads that the high roof of the house is mentioned. Most people also prefer to live in high-rise homes because it gives them a greater sense of freedom and mobility. More benefits, better air circulation, and the possibility of installing larger windows are other benefits of high ceilings.

But high ceilings have disadvantages such as the following:
Not easy to clean
Higher energy consumption to heat the house
Increase costs related to home lighting

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the height of high ceilings, such as wooden beams, wooden ceilings, or false ceilings. False ceilings have different types such as Knauf, rabbits, and grilles of prefabricated panels. Knauf is the most common type of false ceiling, which is made of lightweight steel substructure on which gypsum coated panels are installed. This model of false ceiling is light and has a low price. It is easy to repair and does not need to be painted.

If the height of the ceiling of your house is 3 meters and higher, it is better to use Knauf boxes for the surrounding decor and then Dalberi false ceilings in the central parts. There is no limit to the height of the false ceiling.

If the roof of your house is less than 2.8 meters, use a false ceiling that has a simple design, light color, interior decor and cut inwards.

As mentioned, older houses were often built with short roofs, and today, to reduce construction costs and allocate more floors to a structure, the roof of the unit is usually short. The short ceiling makes the house look warmer and more intimate. The costs of lighting, heating the house in the cold seasons, and maintaining it are lower. But the problem is the lack of air circulation and consequently air conditioning. Especially when cooking food, the windows of the house should be open, otherwise, the smell of food will remain in the house for many hours.

If the roof of your house is less than 2.8 meters, your house is also in the category of houses with short roofs. In this case, you should use a false ceiling that has a simple design, light color, and a height of about 12 to 18 cm. Also, choose models that have interior decor and an inward cut.

The standard roof of houses is 2.8 meters and if this false ceiling is installed, this amount will be slightly reduced. For this reason, before choosing a false ceiling design, be sure to pay attention to the shortness or height of your roof. For houses with high ceilings, there is no restriction in choosing the design and thickness of the false ceiling. But for short ceilings, it is better to choose simple designs with light colors and low height.