Houseplants in Home Decoration

Man’s interest in plants and nature has a historical background that can be easily seen in backyard houses. Nowadays, when most houses are in the form of apartments, this proximity has decreased, but nevertheless, suitable plants for apartment houses have been able to compensate for this shortcoming and limitation. These natural elements create a link between industrial life and nature and add vitality and vitality to the space.

You must have noticed that houses that are decorated with decorative plants and apartments have a different feeling. Feeling of vitality, hope and closeness to nature. Having a plant in the decoration of the house not only makes the house beautiful, but also makes the space and atmosphere of the house healthy, both materially and spiritually. Materially known; Plants absorb carbon dioxide and return oxygen to us. That is why there will always be fresh and refreshing air in the house.

Using flower and plant pots at home is a great idea to add to the beauty and freshness of the house. Especially in conditions of air pollution, you can create a cleaner and more oxygenated atmosphere for yourself and your children at home by using suitable plants. Also, keeping houseplants in busy urban life can relieve stress and anxiety for a short time.

On the other hand, having several pots in the house, and keeping them will increase the sense of responsibility among the people in that house. Because the members of the house are taking care of the beautiful and helpless creatures, and the survival of these lovely creatures (ie plants) will be in your hands. And there are few who allow the life of a living being to be lost due to its own irresponsibility.

Clean air in the house with plants

Due to today’s conditions and various air pollution, one of the simplest effective ways to have cleaner and purified air is to use plants in interior decoration. Plants provide you with clean, breathable air by absorbing pollutants and carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, thus helping to maintain your health.

A sense of presence in nature

Having a small piece of nature, such as houseplants, can enhance the sense of presence in nature and give a sense of calm, vitality and positivity to people who are present in that space.

Natural insulation for ambient noise

The structure of plants can play the role of insulation against noise and ambient noise and reduce their level significantly. This can be a positive and significant advantage considering the condition of the apartment houses.

Inspire the interior decoration

Plants can add vibrant colors to your home décor. The colors of houseplants are not limited and their leaves and flowers have various and beautiful colors. Even the green leaves of houseplants have a diverse range. This beautiful and remarkable variety can add more beauty and colors to your interior decoration. You can also choose attractive pots with different colors and forms for these plants, give a different color and effect to the decoration of your desired location. If the space you want has a staircase (round staircase), you can give it a special look and feel by placing beautiful vases on the stairs. In addition, the shape of the leaves of plants has a different effect on interior decoration. They create a more relaxed feeling for round and drooping leaves than for sharper, more upright leaves. Paying attention to this will have a positive effect on creating the desired feeling in your desired space.

Bring visual beauty to the interior decoration with flowers and plants

The appearance and beauty of the leaves and natural flowers of plants are special and unique in their kind. The view created by the plants will create a different interior decoration whose beauty will remain in the viewer’s mind. You can also choose the color and design of elements such as furniture, curtains (blinds, zebra curtains), wall coverings and other items according to the type and color of flowers and plants to create a beautiful harmony in your space and special interior decoration. And have a unique.

Creating dynamism and vitality in interior decoration

Presence in the vicinity of plants restores the sense of life and vitality to man and takes him out of the state of despair and daily life of machine life. In addition, the presence of plants and the need to maintain them makes people more responsible and responsible for their maintenance and health.

Positive role to improve interior decoration

German houseplants are very suitable for filling empty and unused spaces. These elements can look good with their beautiful and attractive leaves and flowers, and take the interior space out of its empty state. If plants are used for this purpose, the proportion of their dimensions and height is very important and it is better to use samples that have sufficient height. In addition, houseplants can be used as pivotal elements for focal points if they have the right dimensions and appearance. The effect of the plant and its pot will create a beautiful and unique view.

Like any other element in interior decoration, research before buying. Some houseplants need special maintenance and weather conditions that you may not intend to spend this amount of time and money on, or your home may not have these conditions. Instead, you can choose the most suitable plant species by consulting and researching.

Some plant species have a rotational process to absorb carbon dioxide during the day and release it at night. For this reason, they are not a good option for spaces such as bedrooms. So it is better to research and inquire about this feature of plants before buying.

Pay attention to the position of the plant and its size. Some plants have scattered, detached leaves and need a space where their leaves can grow without any pressure or restriction. Of course, the limited space is not suitable for them and it damages their leaves.

Certain types of herbs cause allergies in people, so it is better to ask the seller enough information when buying so that you do not have problems in this regard. In addition, some plant species are poisonous and pose a high risk of death if swallowed by children or swallowed. Consequently, if you have a child at home, you should also pay special attention to this point.