Home Improvements for Those With Physical Disabilities

For a home with a disabled person, ramps are a must, as they may have access to only a limited number of interiors.

Use handles indoors: It is necessary to install handles in spaces such as bathrooms or toilets so that these people can use them to move on the toilet equipment. Of course, the scale and size of these handles can vary, even these handles can be folded so as not to obstruct the movement of other people when necessary.

Remove door frames: If there is a disabled person living in your home who uses a wheelchair, you should remove the door base to make it easier for him to move around, otherwise, he will have trouble going to most of the interior of the house.

The low height of cupboards and shelves: It is better for people with disabilities to have specific cupboards and shelves that are lower in height than other cupboards and shelves. In order to do this better, be sure to ask the person with disabilities when designing. Be present at the place so that the heights are done according to the access of his hand.

Technology is a solution for people with disabilities: These days, technology is even effective in improving the quality of life of healthy people, let alone people with disabilities. The photo above shows one of the effects of technology on the lives of people with disabilities. You can install a wheelchair lift in your home, especially on the stairs, to solve the movement problems of these people.

Homes with open plans for people with disabilities: It is better for the houses where the disabled person is supposed to live to have an open plan. The advantage of open plan houses is that they provide more space for movement. Of course, it should be noted that in the arrangement of furniture, the distance between the furniture should be considered as much as possible so that there is no problem for them to move.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to designing. Maybe in the space we design, people with low vision, disability, or the elderly can move around with ease. Designers should also consider this in their designs. One of the most important parts that should be designed very carefully for these people is the bathroom and toilet. Additional space for a nurse, wheelchair, or walker should be provided in these areas.

If you also have a disabled person in your home, you can refer to these solutions to design the interior decoration of your home.