Distracting Decor

Some things during the day can affect our mood that we may not be able to spend the rest of the day in the best way. Studies have also shown that these actions can affect the quality of life.

Gifts: If you have a gift set containing a cup (this gift set can be anything) when you do not put it inside the cabinets and put it on the open in the kitchen can be an effective factor in our mood because it gives us the feeling of being crowded.

Souvenirs: It may have happened to you that a souvenir from a distant place and a different culture came to you from a friend that you are interested in placing it at your desk and looking at it may make you feel good, but when You look at it, maybe your focus is completely shifted and you cannot continue to work in the best way.

Scented candles: By lighting scented candles in the bedroom, it is possible to shift your focus from the main subject in general and not be able to achieve your main tasks.

Television: One of our mistakes is that we have a habit of keeping the TV on all the time. Keeping the TV on can become a habit in our body that we will always be interested in receiving, but when the TV is on and the sounds change. They are created around us, the brain is completely tired and you will feel very tired and you cannot get to your main tasks.

Non-Functional Objects: When there are a lot of non-functional objects around your desk, they can disturb and distract you enough and you cannot get to your daily tasks.

Documents: At work, it is recommended to keep documents and other objects a little further away from you, as they can disrupt your work and you cannot get to work, and it should also be noted that by viewing a large number of these files You may have a negative impact and energy.

Crowded desk: Accumulating a lot of things on the desk can make you not focus enough on the job.