Different Kinds of Paint

If you need to give your home a new look but you can’t afford it, painting is the best choice. There are the latest building colors with great variety and different features and functions. It is not bad to get acquainted with the characteristics of different types of building paints before choosing a color. With a little time and some information, you can choose the best color and create a happier and more beautiful atmosphere for your home.

Acrylic paint is one of the newest building paints that is environmentally friendly with its special formulation. Available in three types: glossy, matte, and semi-gloss. Acrylic painting is possible on all surfaces and due to the high concentration, it completely covers the surfaces. Moisture resistant and abrasion-resistant. It has high durability. It does not have an unpleasant odor during execution and dries quickly.

Acrylic is used in painting gypsum surfaces or painted walls or concrete and cement surfaces, etc. Acrylic paint is one of the newest building paints that you can use to paint yard walls and parking lot facades.

One of the oldest types of building paints is oil paint, which is available in three types: glossy, matte, and semi-gloss. The glossy type of this paint has high durability and is used for doors and windows due to its washability, good coating, and insulation. The glossy type of oil paint reflects light and makes the space brighter, but makes the imperfections and roughness of the surfaces visible. The ability to wash and coat the matte oil paint is less than the gloss type. Oil paints can be used in damp places such as bathrooms and toilets. It also works well on metal and wood surfaces as well as previously painted areas. In outdoor spaces such as fences, fences, doors and ‌ is the most appropriate and best choice to use oil paints.

Plastic paint is not one of the newest building paints, but painting with it is easy and practical. You can use water for the solvent and this will make it not smell bad. Due to the rapid drying of this paint, the staining speed increases. Its first-class varieties are washable. Compared to oil paint, plastic paint is less durable and is not a good insulator, it absorbs moisture. One of the uses of plastic paint in buildings is for the roof of the building. The use of plastic paint in busy neighborhoods is not recommended for metal and wood surfaces.
One of the newest building paints is multi-color, which can be applied easily and quickly with spray. Multicolor paints are decorative and create a thin layer on surfaces and are very suitable for plaster, cement, concrete, iron, aluminum, wood, paint, stone, glass, tile, plastic, and surfaces. Multicolor after execution is seen as a background color with streaks of different colors. It does not absorb soot and dust, so it is suitable for busy places. It has a good washability. It does not absorb moisture and has a high durability.

Belka paint is also one of the newest building paints that is made of cellulose fibers and has a state similar to wallpaper. Belka covers the defects of the wall well. Heat and cold insulation and waterproof. The carpet is easily washed with shampoo and can be easily repaired if it has any problems. You might think that because of the cellulose fibers it may cause this allergy, but this dye is completely anti-allergic.

Patina is one of the most popular and newest building colors. In this type of painting, you can apply a design according to your taste on the walls. Patina paints are durable, repairable and stain-resistant, and it is one of the newest building paints that can be easily washed.

In the living room, areas with high density furniture and low light, be sure to use bright colors. In areas where the light intensity is sufficient and the furniture is arranged with less density, you can bring darker colors into the space.

Coordination between style and color is very important. If your reception is in a classic and traditional style, use blue, yellow, green, red, gray and cream colors to paint the walls of the reception hall. Neutral colors such as white, silver, bronze, gold, and. Are more suitable for painting modern and contemporary living room walls. You can use the latest building colors such as patina or multi-color on one wall of the living room and paint the rest of the walls with a simple color. Choose colors that are in a range and complement.

To maximize the effect of color in the room, it is better to choose a wall to paint the building that is simpler than the rest and there are no obstacles in front of it, or go for walls that have the main architectural elements such as fireplace, stove and hood. They have a bed or a special element such as plaster. In this case, you can easily create a focal point in your space with the help of these elements and coloring.