Dark Colours in the Home

Using dark colors does not mean turning all doors and walls black and dark and leaving the day to night in a dark space. This means enjoying the beauty of dark colors intelligently. Colors such as dark blue, burnt brown, and even black can give a special effect to the house. For a better understanding, read on.

  1. Black and copper: The black wall is very stylish in combination with simple wooden furniture. In the dining area of ​​the house, you can blacken the wall behind the dining table. Using leather cloth and copper chandeliers, you can help to beautify the table and space. The red in leather and copper gives a new identity to the colorless table, and the black wall makes this combination more beautiful.
  2. Display panel: In simple bedrooms that have nothing to show off, you can enjoy the miracle of dark colors. Order dark MDF for the wall. Or you can install wooden strips on the wall and then paint it dark. Of course, before painting, you should take all the holes and holes in the wall to make a black screen look attractive and beautiful.
  3. Blue: Dark blue is one of the most beautiful colors in the world. You can use the beauty of this color to decorate the walls of the corridors of the house. Or even wallpaper with a dark background color, which also has a beautiful design, can create a beautiful view of the space.
  4. Dark cabinets: You can choose dark kitchen cabinets and cabinets. This color is very suitable for spaces that have nothing to decorate. This darkness itself makes the space beautiful.
  5. Dark and light: The use of contrasting colors adds to the beauty of the space. For example, use a combination of both colors instead of black or white all the walls in the living room. Choose black for the walls, white for the beds, fireplaces, or baseboards. Choose curtains and accessories for the room. Also, choose paintings and decorations that are light and preferably white (for black walls).
  6. Colorful kitchen: Use dark colors if you do not want the kitchen to be white, cream, gray or neutral in general. For example, you can use dark blue for this purpose. The combination of dark blue with silver and black gives identity to the kitchen and is very attractive.
  7. The darkness of nature: Among the dark colors, we can mention dark green. Apply this dark color on the wall. To avoid sheer darkness, use light colors for decor.
  8. Accent Pieces: In dark bathrooms, you can use a large copper tub to give a good look and beauty to the bathroom.