Construction Techniques

In recent years, building construction methods have advanced significantly and innovative technologies have been applied to optimize the quality indicators of buildings. This has significant benefits for end-users such as being able to maintain a steady flow of normal repair and other building-related jobs, as well as reducing construction time and cost-effective construction costs. This article will introduce you to 8 construction techniques.

1- Three-dimensional structural volume: Using this modular manufacturing technology, three-dimensional units are controlled in factory settings and produced using on-demand construction methods and building materials. Completed units in different units, basic or final structural blocks tested and completed with all facilities, are transferred to the assembly department. These blocks can be installed quickly on-site and have concrete properties such as fire retardant, sound resistance, thermal mass, and so on.

2- Prefabricated models in the form of flat plates: These types of constructions are mainly wall and floor models that are built on the main site and then transferred to the installation site. In this type of construction, load-bearing components such as decorative coatings and insulation panels can also be produced. This type of construction is also known as building cross walls. This technology is very economical and used due to the seamless connection to the specifications and ease as well as the speed of construction.

3- Tunnel-shaped mold system: Using this tunneling technique, cellular structure with repetitive patterns is accomplished by building integrated walls or units in a single operation per day. Fast work is easily achieved in factory conditions by using molds and concrete. Forms are collected in the form of tunnels and are done on the structure of the building using cranes.

4- How to use sliding boards: This technique uses the simplicity of contemporary formatting to quickly make flat parts to easily and quickly place amenities and partitions. Maximizing prefabricated services occurs when services can be performed without interruption in the sub-areas of the components. Every high-tech construction company uses the same method that interior designs can be easily changed for changes on a date. In addition, fewer materials are needed, which significantly reduces labor costs.

5- Method of prefabricated bases: Bases can be quickly made with factory-made, high-quality concrete units. In this method, the building materials related to the base have the necessary strength through concrete piles connected to each other. This technique allows construction work to be done even in adverse weather conditions and minimizes drilling activity.

6- Method of making composite concrete: This technique increases the delivery time of construction by applying the advantages of precast concrete casting in the building on site. Improves quality, and while reducing construction costs. Combined concrete structures are an easy way to build, competitive structure and coordination.

7- How to use thin building materials: Using this technique reduces the amount of mortar used, which will reduce its depth from 10 mm to less than 3 mm. As a result, mortar can be used rapidly with increased efficiency in other wall panels. With large concrete blocks, construction efficiency increases, and costs are significantly reduced. During one day, the production of the desired mortar is higher, because the mortar curing is done quickly and without damaging the strength of the joints, which will eliminate the problem of variable items in the work.

8- Concrete insulation molding method (ICF): This technique uses polystyrene blocks that use twin walls and can be used quickly to create the walls of buildings. Then the mold is made with high-quality, ready mix and factory-made concrete. The construction process of the building is free from any errors and failures and the resulting structure has a high level of sound and heat insulation.