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Colours affect the function, mind, and emotions of the body by producing energy from the reflection of light. Studies clearly show the effect of colour on creativity, productivity, and brain learning. The effects of colour on humans can vary; Causes excitement, relaxation, inspiration, increased anxiety or tension, or a sense of peace. These effects are […]

Professional photographers already know about the importance of lighting, but good lighting isn’t just about getting the best photos, it can actually impact our moods and how we feel about our home. That’s why installing the correct lighting in a home is so important. It’s not just the correct lighting that makes all the difference, […]

Professions exist because there is a need and a demand for them. With regards to leasing agents, it’s a firm belief by professionals that anyone looking to lease their property, or multiple properties, a leasing agent is needed to help aid in the process. But why? What can a leasing agent provide that a regular […]

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