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The idea of ​​housing in residential complexes attracts many people who want to start a new life experience. Peace: Calmness is an important feature due to the limited population inside the residential complexes, and the presence of green space and playgrounds inside it helps to reduce the noise of children and families. Integrated service: Residential […]

Man’s interest in plants and nature has a historical background that can be easily seen in backyard houses. Nowadays, when most houses are in the form of apartments, this proximity has decreased, but nevertheless, suitable plants for apartment houses have been able to compensate for this shortcoming and limitation. These natural elements create a link […]

Prefabricated walls are prefabricated walls that are widely used in the construction industry today. There are many types of prefabricated walls. It is interesting to know that the prefabricated wall dates back to ancient Rome, but in Iran it is known as one of the newest building materials in the construction industry. In fact, they […]

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