Adding Light to the Home

Undoubtedly, having a bright house is a constant ideal for everyone. Lighting dark houses, even without windows, attracts the attention of any party.

The importance of home lighting is so great that in many cases it makes double interior decoration visible, and it is a special art that you can adjust your home light so that home furniture, living room decoration, reception decoration, kitchen decoration, and the other components of your home shine brighter.

Light under kitchen cabinets: This idea is a very attractive and enchanting idea for all kitchens! There are many benefits to using hidden light under kitchen cabinets. Including turning on the dishwasher, which in addition to increasing visibility, will also prevent poor visibility due to working in a dark kitchen in the long run.

Use interior windows: This idea is very useful for homes that are on the negative floors and will greatly affect the lighting of your home. The use of interior windows in dimly lit rooms will take advantage of the light of the rooms and the adjacent reception and will have a great impact on its brightness.

Windows above the door: In many bedrooms of old houses, windows above the door were used to illuminate the bedroom or even the living room. But today this case is less common. Especially in apartments where the use of windows above the door is almost obsolete. But you should know that this will significantly affect the lighting of your home.

Fill the house with light by installing a mirror: In the old houses, the mirrors were embedded in the wall, and by observing this point, the feeling of light in the rooms without windows was well felt. Today, however, we do not see this anymore! It is not surprising to know that mirrors, in addition to reflecting light in bedrooms, eliminate the dull feeling in bedrooms. We suggest using large mirrors in their bedrooms to illuminate low-ceilinged homes, as well as mirroring your closet doors.

Use complementary colors: Recognizing complementary colors helps us to put the right colors together and keep a balance when using them. Observing this issue can also have a good effect on filling your home with light. For example, white can emit much more light than brown. Re-painting your home can bring you closer to your goal.

Also, if you do not want to face the hassle of painting your home, you can use wallpaper. White patterned wallpapers, in addition to beautifying your home, increase the light in your home.

Frosted glass: Using frosted glass is very important for rooms that use less light. You may be wondering how frosted glass can make the bedroom brighter. The answer is simple! Adding frosted glass to rooms without windows can allow light to enter the side room and also emit more light, and in addition, irregularities are not visible at all.

French doors: French doors are the miracle of windowless and dimly lit houses. Due to their glass and mesh structure, these doors transmit a high percentage of light in the adjoining rooms.

These doors are available with different prices and different materials that you can view and buy samples with a simple search.

Skylights: Do not hesitate if the architect of your home realizes that you can have a skylight in your home. It is true that skylights are less visible today than in other multi-story apartments, but skylights will definitely play a special role in filling your home with light.

Paintings and works of art: If your house does not have a window, you can give artificial and attractive lighting to your house by installing panels that give you the feeling of a window. We suggest using boards with frames as well as white backgrounds. This can give you a sense of beauty, especially in the reception.