Adding Greenery to Your Patio

In traditional houses, the yard has been a refreshing and pleasant space, of which we see less of an effect today. It has limited our apartment living, but it has opened up new avenues for us. Roofs, although they provide us with a lot of space, are usually useless spaces in our homes. In today’s apartments, if we can design this space properly, it is as if we have brought the yard to our homes. In this article, we want to present you with ideas for designing a green roof.

Planting green plants around your roof will beautify the edges and make the roof space appear larger. If you like to cook, grow fresh vegetables and salads to use on your table. Choose a dining table that fits your space (so you can have a party on the beautiful roof of your home) and, if your budget allows, install an awning to block out the sun. The paving stone you choose for your roof completes its beauty. Concrete paving, for example, is an ideal material for designing your home.

Large benches can provide ample seating space on the roof. Tall greens and large pots provide shade and security. In addition to a sense of beauty and tranquility, placing a beautiful fountain can also reduce the noise of the city. A small table in front of the bench is suitable for entertaining guests.

You can use regularly pruned hedges on your roof patio and place a breakfast table next to it. You can also double the greens with large potted plants or small shrubs. This is a great place to dine with friends or have tea and coffee.

If possible, installing a hot tub on your green roof in the heat of the sun would be exciting. You can make a beautiful and hearty environment by planting beautiful and colorful flowers and plants around your tub. This way you can create a living roof, a crown on the green design.

Bring peace and comfort to your roof with the sound of running water and fountains and stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A bench and a canopy above it next to the waterfall can provide your comfort and convenience.